Are You Making The 2 Big Mistakes Most Beginner Motocross Riders Make?

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Do you want to be a better motocross rider? This FREE Training Guide will help you easily learn how to strengthen your 'riding techniques & Fitness' so you can 10x your riding and racing skills.

Do you want to be a better motocross rider? This coaching program and coaching guide will help you easily learn how to strengthen your 'riding techniques & riding core' so you can:


The biggest mistake most beginner riders make is getting on a bike without first training your ‘riding core’. Without a strong core you won’t be able to fully control the 250 pound bike between your legs so you’ll keep sliding through your corners, fishtailing during jumps and you’ll end up exhausted after just a few laps. Inside this coaching program, you'll learn fitness tips to improve your 'riding core'. You'll learn: 

  • How you can ride better...even if you have a 'beer belly';
  • Special motocross workouts that will help you improve your agility and stamina;
  • 4 fitness tests you can use to test your preparedness for your first race;


Do you control your bike, or is your bike controlling YOU? Sliding through corners and wiping out on jumps are just 2 signs your bike is controlling you. But good news! With a stronger 'fundamental techniques' and better bike control, you can take back control of your bike while improving your riding skills. In this coaching program, I'll show you how to become the Master of Your Bike:

  • Discover how to quickly find the center of balance on your bike...even when in mid-jump;
  • Uncover the RIGHT WAY to use the 5 controls on your bike to ride with complete confidence;
  • Plus, I'm including 34 off-road riding techniques for trees, rocks, water, sidehills, uphills and cliff climbs, g-outs, and uphill ruts so you can master ANY riding terrain!


Think about your favorite motocross rider for a second...

You admire them because they just OWN their riding. They look good riding and you know they are having FUN every time they hop on their bike. They have Ultimate MX Swagger!

Want to feel that same swagger every time you ride? Inside this coaching program & riding guide, I'll show you:

  • How to master the MENTAL GAME of motocross;
  • Easy-to-use techniques to improve your riding confidence FAST;
  • Why who you ride with effects your SWAGGER and how to find the RIGHT riders to surround yourself with.

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I’ve combined my 34 years as a motocross rider and 17 years as a professional championship coach and the proven techniques I teach my private clients to improve their track times to create a step-by-step system YOU can use to take your riding to the next level…no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an amateur racer.

I am so confident in my proven techniques, that if you get the coaching program & book, try out the techniques I share with you and don’t improve as a rider the next time you’re on the track, I will refund 100% of your money – no questions asked.

I can make such a bold guarantee because of riders like Justin who took my advice, applied it to his training and came away with second in class for Vet B in the 2013 Get-Xtr-Eme (GXE) series. I have been using these same training techniques for myself and my students for decades.

Why Listen To Me?

Hey there, I’m Scoob (the big one on the bike...the little guy is my mx loving son). I’m a professional championship motocross racer and racing coach. I’ve been riding motocross since I was just 8 years old…that’s over 34 years on a bike! And I have over 15 years experience as a professional championship motocross rider. Motocross wasn’t just my passion, it was my LIFE. I went on to ride professionally and I won dozens of championships over the next 15 years.

And now, at my motocross track in PA, I train beginner riders, like you, who want to get better control of their bike and have the confidence to enter their first race.

You can also find me teaching my motocross skills on my popular motocross YouTube channel with over 300,000 video views and counting.

I don't say this to brag. I want you to know that you'll be learning from the best - not some amateur know-it-all rider - when you download my Pro Motocross Riding Techniques & Fitness Tips ebook.

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You are protected with our 30-day 100% money back guarantee